‘tactile mind’:A book of nude (3-D) photographs for the blind/vision impaired;criticism from somewhere.

With all the good, there comes the bad. I have gotten so many letters of support for tactile mind and a couple of doozies.

People everywhere have their opinions on this project, and make them known…

This one is from  Z.S.(whomever he is….):

wow, so let me first say that i have nothing against what you are doing. in fact i think that it is a terrific idea, but the quality of the pictures is… shitty. i mean, a toilet paper strap-on? wtf??? and whats with the fat broad? and voluptuous? no no no, more like chunky amputees. in no way does anything match the descriptions, so for that you suck. also because you are charging blind people a ridiculous fee for a horrible product. oh and because you seem to have a slight bestiality problem. youre canadian, so that sucks too. otherwise keep up the good work

I didn’t like the comment about ‘chunky amputees’ ; that was in bad taste. Everything else I can take with a grain of salt-

p.s. this person has never ordered anything from me, or interviewed me in any form. I’m assuming he’s never seen or felt the book, and is basing his opinion on viewing my website. www.tactilemindbook.com

Lisa J. Murphy

Tactile Mind Studio Ltd.

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