Lisa J. Murphy writes a complaint to BBC One about use of ‘tactile mind’ imagery within their programming.

So finally today I had a chance to write an email of complaint to BBC about televising my images without a proper licensing agreement  within one of their programmes. This happened almost 2 months ago, with the show “Have I Got News For You”. I was asked for images – which I supplied as I did with all media, and I was not made fully aware of the conditions of the agreement at the time, & then when saw the licensing agreement and passed it to a lawyer, decided I would not be signing it.  I was then informed that the episode had already aired, using my imagery.  The woman, who worked with Hat Trick Productions, and who I had been dealing with, sounded a little stressed that I had decided against signing anything. (I was not made aware they wanted a 5 year licensing agreement – and the payment to use my imagery for the entire 5 years was 150 pounds= 2 pounds a month). To work with this woman and give her the benefit of the doubt (we all make mistakes),  I told her a week’s license was all I would be interested in, and then my images were to be edited/removed/ whatever.  She did not contact me for another week or two after this, and then provided me with another  licensing agreement  that did not guarantee removal of my images. Lesson learned.  I didn’t sign.  Why did I wait until now to email a complaint to the BBC about all of this? -I don’t know if anyone at the BBC was actually aware this had happened.  I had already discussed my case with a lawyer; not worth persuing.   I just feel that I should stick up for my work,  regardless of the time frame, period.

Lisa J. Murphy

Tactile Mind Studio Limited

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