Lisa J. Murphy discusses ‘tactile mind’ book on VoicePrint.

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Erotic Photographs Presented In Accessible Format For Blind,

This Sunday On Contact

Tactile Mind is a different kind of book, in many ways.

Tune in to Contact this Sunday at 4.30 p.m. when photographer and author Lisa Murphy pays a return visit to VoicePrint discussing the success of her unusual book, Tactile Mind. In May 2009, Murphy was interviewed by VoicePrint shortly after her book of erotic photographs in tactile graphics was published.

In the year since the book’s publication when VoicePrint was the first media outlet to interview Murphy, much of the mainstream media including CNN, BBC, Howard Stern, Playboy, National Post, GQ, Salon have given Murphy and her book a mixed reception. Her book—which makes erotic material accessible to the blind and vision-impaired– has been perceived as revolutionary by some and nothing more than a gimmick to others.

Murphy discusses the book, its reception and her plans for the future.

Hear more. Learn more. This Sunday at 4.30 p.m. and make Contact …on VoicePrint.

Lisa J. Murphy

Tactile Mind Studio Limited

Artist / Author of tactile mind: A book of nude photographs for the blind/vision impaired.

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