General feedback about ‘tactile mind’.

Some people like it, some people dislike it – most people haven’t looked at my website or seen/felt  the 3-D  book. It’s amazing the impact media has on people’s opinions.

People are calling it  “original”, “artistic”, “erotic”, “sensual”, “fetish-orientated”, & “pornographic”. People everywhere are entitled to their opinions, and have made them…..

Different media outlets or blog posts are calling it expensive.  These people have not visited my website, or emailed me to ask me questions. As a 1 person publishing house, producing my own work, I do sell individual pages of ‘tactile mind’, because I know not everyone can afford the complete book.  I have worked multiple waitressing and minimum wage jobs in the past couple of years to pay for this work. It is incredibly expensive and time consuming to create. ‘tactile mind’ is self-published and handmade. It has been “out” since 2008, and I have been dragging it around in plastic containers to erotic art fairs and galleries.

‘tactile mind’ is a cool book of my nude photographs for the vision impaired and blind to read, period.

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