An irate response from India to ‘tactile mind’: A book of nude photographs for the blind/vision impaired.

This trinket of hate mail is taken from an online comment left on the Deccan Herald website (Bangalore, India) on April 18, 2010:

Lisa,You perverted woman,atleast leave the blind community alone,If you are so keen to shed your clothes and morals,look else where.The blind community doesnt need corrupt and perverted ideas like yours.The accursed porn industry has spoiled many a generation and family,now you want the same to be repeated in the blind community. The porn industry mafia is a 17 billion $ business in US,is that enough for you that you want to tap & explore more possiblities.How BLIND can you get,You perverted woman(we are ashamed to call you a woman).Just imagine that all the vice,evil & immorality that would percolate in the blind community by your diservice,You alone will be held responsible by God Allmighty.Have a heart please abandon this wretched idea of yours. Instead make something for our blind brothers that would help them see the truth in the form of natural beauty of the creator.Come out of your pitiable darkness,Come towards light.COME TOWARDS ISLAM.OPEN YOUR EYES.DONT WANDER BLINDLY IN YOUR OWN IGNORANCE.

I’m thinking maybe somebody pissed in his cornflakes.

Lisa J. Murphy


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