Lisa J. Murphy, tactile mind and self-publishing.

I read an interesting article today on the CBC website about self-publishing vs. working with a publisher.  What stood out for me in this article is the general rule that when working with a publisher, the author/artist  walks away with  5 – 15 percent of book generated income. How can someone possibly give away 85-95 percent of their hard work? I don’t know.  I am a huge advocate of self-publishing. I know people who could not get a publisher for their work, and thus quit the entire project instead of just giving self-publishing a try. A lot of people think that having a publisher behind a book brings value to the work. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. If work is good, it’s good; and people have differing opinions anyway. Having self-published tactile mind, yes I can say it was a lot of work and still is. What I learned about self-publishing was very important in finishing this book and having the confidence to sell it.

Lisa J. Murphy

Tactile Mind Studio Limited

tactile mind: A book of nude (3-D) photographs for the blind/vision impaired