A beautiful Friday making ‘tactile mind’:A book of nude photographs for the blind and vision impaired.

Dragged thermoform machine, thermoform plastic, and tactile diagram master (Braille) pages outside today and got some vitamin D.  Kept expecting  a pigeon to crap on the buffet of master pages, but my luck held out. Unfortunately,  my thermoform machine was being tempermental and I ended up with a lot of wasted thermoform plastic diagram pages; they creased under the heat of the oven before the vacuum turned on. Also, Naked Pink Elephant / Diagram 5 lost a forearm. Tragic. You know when you do a lot, but actually nothing gets done?  That was my day.  So now I’m relaxing with some fresh mango, and a haagen-dazs bar. Happy Friday.

Lisa J. Murphy

Tactile Mind Studio Ltd.

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