A bit about how the media chaos started for TACTILE MIND

For anyone who’s following my blog post on twitter – please see my (Lisa J. Murphy/tactile mind) blog post at www.tactilemindbook.com for full story. For those with a vision impairment link is on right of screen under “pages”. Click on  “updates blog”. This story will be top of page (most recent first). Click on title “A bit about how the media chaos started for TACTILE MIND”. to get full story.

Just going back in time from my last post…occasionally over the past 2 years, I had sent out emails about tactile mind: A book of nude photographs for the blind/vision impaired to various local press telling them to check out my site. Unfortunately shooting white plastic can be difficult, and the pictures on my site had been difficult to read. By sheer luck, about a month ago now, I had managed to take some great pictures of the pages of my book (natural daylight) in front of my kitchen window. Out went the emails again. I received a phone call from Sarah Barmak (who I believe was an intern) at the Toronto Star.
We did a phone interview as I made my way up Spadina Ave., through Chinatown on a busy Friday afternoon, on my way to my restaurant job. Due to over staffing at the restaurant, I received the night off, and went home and emailed Sarah a picture of Diagram 2/ Man in Arctic Mask to illustrate her article.

This article came out 2 days later in the Sunday Toronto Star. I picked up a couple copies of the paper on the way to the gym, and spent the day doing garden work,  and chatting with my neighbour.

The next morning I had a early doctors’ appointment and when I got off the subway at the Dufferin station, The Daily Telegraph (London, U.K) called for an interview. The gentleman was very nice and informed me that pictures of my work had made it into all media throughout Britain. OK. I then got on the Dufferin bus and CBS called for a live interview. Nothing like being on public transit and having CBS call. I had to get them to call me back, and hoofed it home.

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